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Szymon Pobiega

About the Speaker:
Simon lives in Krakow. He graduated at the AGH University of Science and Technology in the field of computer science. He’s been working in the IT industry for nearly four years in a VSoft company which manufactures highly specialized systems, mainly for large financial institutions. During this time he had the opportunity to meet .NET in all versions – ranging from 1.1 and ending on 4.0 and work with all its forms related to the role in the production system: from ASP.NET controls to architecture design.

Track: .NET & C#

Presentation Title: Remote Services

This session treats about programming of services in broad terms: from the architectural issues, through a case study of technology (WCF NServiceBus) and concluding with live code examples. After the introduction Simon will discuss four topics related to remote services:

  • Compatibility (the ability to collaborate) of services. This section will discuss the different WebServices communication protocols available in WCF. The emphasis will be put on ease of integration with clients made in other technologies. This part is a live demonstration of the code (Visual Studio + Fiddler).
  • Activation. This section will discuss modes of activation of services (session/non-session).
  • Transactions. Analysis of the impact of transactions on the remote service.
  • Interaction. Discussion on (other than a query-response) ways to interact with services (ia. one-way, queued one way)

The session includes parts which refer both to the code (and technologies), as well as those more oriented on systems architecture.