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Sebastian Bergmann

About the speaker:
Sebastian Bergmann is a pioneer in the field of quality assurance in PHP projects. His test framework PHPUnit is a de-facto standard. He is actively involved in the development of PHP and creator of various development tools. Sebastian Bergmann is an internationally sought-after expert. As an author he shares his long-standing experience in books ( “PHPUnit Pocket Guide”, “Professional Software Development with PHP 5″) and articles. He is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world.

As a Co-Founder and Principal Consultant with thePHP.cc, Sebastian Bergmann offers consulting, training, and coaching services to help enterprises improve the quality assurance process for their PHP-based software projects.

In his free time, Sebastian likes to hack on Open Source software and to take photographs, preferably while travelling the world.

Track: PHP

Presentation title: The State of Quality Assurance Tools for PHP

More and more PHP developers know about quality assurance tools for PHP such as PHPUnit, PHP_CodeSniffer, PHP_Depend, and phpUnderControl these days. This presentation, given by the creator of PHPUnit, provides a high-level overview of the quality assurance tools landscape and shows how these tools work and can be combined for increased benefit.