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Piotr Borek

About the speaker:
Piotr Borek is the Head of the Projects Department in Gratka Technologies, where he has been working since 2007. He has a degree in both, management and economics, but he chose a career in IT sector. Previously he worked as a PHP developer. Currently Piotr manages the work of project teams and coordinates a team of managers of IT projects. He is also responsible for managing and distributing information in project teams. In his work he uses Scrum methodology. It was Piotr who was responsible for analyzing, designing and implementing Gratka services such as http://www.ofirmie.gratka.pl , Gratka new home page http://www.gratka.pl and http://www.moto.gratka.pl

Track: IT Project Management

Presentation title: Water & Fire – projects in Gratka Technologies

How can we combine the agile approach (Scrum) in team management with waterfall approach, that most bussiness clients prefer.