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Peter Horsten

About the speaker:
Peter Horsten is founder/director of Goyello, a Dutch/Polish software services company specializing in custom made business applications, website development and  consultancy. Currently he is also a lecturer at the University of Gdansk. Besides he is an intensive blogger and social media addict. He started his professional career at the Dutch telecom operator KPN as a team manager. Before founding GOYELLO he worked for 9 years as an IT consultant, advising to board members of corporate and governmental organizations. Peter Horsten has an extensive experience in conducting lectures and presentations at seminars.

Specialization areas: Business and strategy consultancy, policy making (business, HR, ICT), project management, Agile software development, organizational change, change management, outsourcing, service management, social media


Track: IT Project Management

Presentation title: Managing software development in a funky manner

Since 80% of IT projects fail, the IT sector is facing a serious issue. We need new “funky” methodologies to ensure the success and clients’ satisfaction. In this session we will point out the potential problems we are faced with during the project: project specification, deadline delays, exceeding the budget, not meeting the expectations, concept changes, new requests etc. and their consequences. There is an undeniable advantage of the new Agile development approach over the traditional ones in solving these issues. But how to implement new methodologies like SCRUM,  BDD, TDD, FDD and Extreme programming to make the client more involved and in the end more satisfied? Just implementing Agile methods within your organization won’t help. Based on best practices and our own experience we will  focus on the solution: bridging the gap between IT and business people.