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Monika Konieczny

About the speaker:
Monika Konieczny graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science. She works as a Project Manager in IT Empathy Interactive. She is responsible for implementation (from the deployment analysis to staff trainings) of dedicated e-commerce platforms and advanced CRM systems.

Monika is a PhD student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. In her research she studies broad aspects of the “soft” project management, especially effective motivation. Monica appeared as a speaker at many national conferences, including the latest edition of 4Developers.
Monika is interested in traveling around the world, meeting new people, diving and photography.

Track: IT Project Management

Presentation title: Developers Are from Mars, Testers Are from Venus. How Can We Help Them Find the Common Ground?

Developers and testers – arch enemies or allies? Theoretically, they should be united by the same goal -> providing the client with high quality, well-working application. Despite this, in many teams we could be mistaken and get the impression that both groups fight in a war against each other. What is the reason? How can we effectively manage teams of developers and testers? One way to improve the situation is to use popular technique – simulation game. During the game, participants have the opportunity to learn about “beauty” of the work of the “opposite camp” , which helps them to find ways of new, more effective communication.