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Michał Krzywda

Michał Krzywda

About the speaker:
Michal Krzywda is an electronics engineer. For the last five years he has been dedicated to creating solutions based on websites in the fields of e-commerce and GIS. Currently he works in the project GEO2 (geo2.pl). He participated in the design and implementation of service WMAP (wmapa.pl). As part of his final thesis he created a radar’s indicator that worked in the browser.

Track: PHP

Presentation title: Creating Effective Applications

Over the last few years, websites have become complex applications. Reducing the amount of requests, loading time and enabling scalability in the early stages of application development – it allows us to handle a large number of UU without expensive code modifications when the service becomes more popular.

Using some server technologies, that work with PHP and databases, you can build an application that can handle the heavy traffic and work perfectly fine. However, PHP and servers are not enough, it is also worth mentioning how important the client-side factors are, thus browsers impact is an important subject for discussion.

People who use search engines receive the list of many results where they can find searched information. Therefore, the loading time is an important factor that ensures that we can gain advantage over other companies. This factor can be decisive if we take into account that the user simply clicks on the next result if he has to wait too long for the page to load.

Plan of the lecture:

  1. Server-side optimalization (PDO, Smarts, MySQL, Memcache)
  2. Optymalization of communication with server (gzip, cookies, HTTP codes, HTTP headers, HAProxy load balancing, XMLHttpRequest communications formats)
  3. Browser-side optymalization (reducing the number of requests, graphics compression,obfuscation, launching sequential scripts, etc.).
  4. Tools that can be helpful in identifying the bottlenecks and performance problems.