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Michael Hunger

About the speaker:
Michael Hunger has been passionate about software development even before he received his Master of Computer Science. He is particularly interested in software craftsmanship, new programming languages, and improving code. He enjoys coaching and in-project development as an independent consultant (”better software development evangelist” — http://jexp.de). He is deeply passionate about learning and working with new programming languages whenever possible, listening to IT podcasts (esp. Software Engineering Radio), working on exciting and ambitious projects like qi4j.org, creating DSLs (jequel, squill and xmldsl.org), tons of refactoring and contributing to and reviewing books in progress (Martin Fowlers DSL-book, Software Apprenticeship Patterns, 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know, and many more). Speaker at many conferences including JAOO Aarhus in 2009.

Track: Java

Presentation title: The Game Of Life – Java’s siblings and heirs are populating the ecosystem

In the last decade we have seen a very fortunate development. Away from the monoculture of big languages to the realm of polyglotism. We’ve rediscovered the virtue of using the language that is most fitting for the problem at hand. The biggest advantages of the existing language ecosystems are the runtime environments and libraries. Many new and old languages have set out to use those assets add add ways to succinctly write down the solutions for our problems. What is better suited to explore this Game Of Life that the Game of Life itself. I’ll show how you can apply the existing languages to solve this problem very differently.