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Mariusz Gil

About the speaker:
In his work he’s dealt with web-based technologies and web applications building for more than 9 years. Currently lives and works in Wroclaw. He has worked as a programmer in GG Network SA (formerly Gadu-Gadu SA), a developer/IT project manager at Adv.pl SA (where he designed and implemented applications for clients such as Telefonia Dialog SA, Telekomunikacja Polska SA, Orange, Lukas Bank, Getin Bank, Nestle Poland, Polifarb Cieszyn-Wroclaw SA Opoczno, Hasco-Lek SA, Aurora SA) and as a freelancer (FCP Internet Ltd. – UK).

Since last year he has been working as a consultant on performance and scalability of web applications. He delivered presentations at the JuniorInternet 2008 conference, lectures and seminars at the Institute of Computer Science on Wroclaw University. He participated in many conferences on web applications and languages, PHP and Ruby. He is currently launching a portal/blog for developers and project managers concentrated on performance and scalability of applications.

Track: PHP

Presentation title: High Performance PHP

This presentation treats about design and implementation of highly efficient PHP applications. Based on his experience and expertise provided by the developers and architects from companies like Digg, Yahoo, Facebook, Friendster and Flickr he will present techniques which ensure sufficient performance and efficiency in applications. Presented examples will concern both the PHP code and solutions at the architectural level. He will also describe the most frequently used nowadays software stacks configurations, that use PHP. During this presentation you will also hear about techniques and tools, which are helpful during application performance testing, including code profiling and finding potential bottlenecks.

As a summary of the presentation Mariusz will present 10 best and worst techniques/practices affecting the performance of PHP, which you may encounter as an architect and PHP developer. At the end will also include a brief session of live coding demo showing the effects discussed earlier on optimization of operations, for example, we will see a simple application based on Zend Framework or Symfony, and relational database.