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Marek Berkan

Marek Berkan

Team leader in e - point 

About the speaker:
Marek Berkan is responsible for the implementation of IT systems, their long-term development and maintenance. He has been programming in J2EE for 10 years, for the last 5 years he has been coordinating the team in a rapidly developing project in J2EE technology.
Every day Marek handles new requests from Project Managers as well as errors notifications. He always puts emphasis on pragmatic solutions to ensure stability and reliability of the systems. Dealing with a project, he tries to provide smooth implementation of a new functionality while minimizing potential errors.

Track: Java

Presentation title: Automatic code generation

During the presentation we will discuss the uses of automating code generation, using the example of OR-mapping, XML, configuration and location files. Marek will use the expamles taken from his own work experience in managing large scale projecs in e-point SA. He will also discuss popular Open Source libraries. Moreover, he will give us a few useful tips on how to avoid making basic mistakes while creating an application.