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Marcin Kalas

O prelegencie:
Marcin Kalas jest architektem IT, pracuje w krakowskim laboratorium oprogramowania IBM. Jako konsultant IBM Software Services for WebSphere wspiera firmy w Europie w zakresie oprogramowania WebSphere i technologii SOA. Bierze udział w tworzeniu oraz wdrażaniu nowych rozwiązań, prowadzi szkolenia i warsztaty, a także pomaga w rozwiązywaniu problemów dotyczących systemów IT. Jego pasje to gra na gitarze basowej, nurkowanie a także od niedawna żeglarstwo.

Sesja: Java

Presentation title: What is coming in the Java™ SE 7?

Java Development Kit (JDK™ 7) is the next major release of the Java SE platform. JDK 7 introduces several key features to improve performance, usability, and security of the Java platform. In this talk speaker will discuss a list of candidate features for JDK 7 including:

  • Modularization of the Java SE platform into smaller, separate, independent modules which can then be downloaded as required by the Java virtual machine and/or Java applications,
  • Multi-language support (improved compatibility between Java and various dynamic languages, such as Ruby or Python),
  • Developers productivity improvements including: language changes (Automatic Resource Management, improved type inference, better integer literals), concurrency and collection updates, type annotations and new API for file system access,
  • Performance improvements including: G1 Garbage Collector, Compressed 64-bit references.