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Jacek Laskowski

About the speaker:
Jacek Laskowski is into Java and its corporate edition since the moment it was first published. A member of Apache Geronimo, Apache OpenEJB, Apache ServiceMix, Apache XBean and Apache ActiveMQ Teams. Founder and leader of Warsaw Java User Group (Warsaw JUG), that regularly organises meetings at the Warsaw University.

Track: Java

Presentation title: SCA Component Models, OSGi, Distributed OSGi, the OSGi Enterprise Java EE and Java

Service Component Architecture (SCA) is a set of specifications that describe model-building systems, consistent with the objectives of Service-Oriented Architecture – above all is has well-defined services and flexible communication between them. SCA uses existing technologies (for example Java EE) and solutions (eg, Spring Framework) by simplifying the process of building services and combining them. OSGi is also a set of specifications that define the model of the system components, where we distinguish the services and their use. Looking at the definition we could say that OSGi is the SCA, or vice versa. Or maybe not necessarily? When we add to this mixture Distributed OSGi and OSGi Enterprise, we can ask: what is not in the SCA and OSGi, that contributed to the emarge of other specification? These models would not be what they are today if it was not for Java and its corporate version of Java EE. With two models of SCA and OSGi we have doubts about their differences and similarities, adding another two dOSGi and entOSGi the set is growing, and our understanding is not. And we Java EE waiting as a reserve. Perhaps we don’t need other models when we have Java EE? During the lecture Jacek will show all mentioned prebiously models of building componets and services systems. He will discuss their differences and similarities. Within 45 minutes is not possible to address all issues related to such a wide range of specifications, but even basic knowledge of them can greatly expand the horizons of design. Discussion is very welcome.