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Ivo Jansch

About the speaker:
Is the CTO of Ibuildings, the company that offers development services, training and consultancy on PHP throughout Europe. He coaches their developers, does consultancy jobs, works with key customers and ‘evangelizes’ PHP in the enterprise. He recently wrote a book on php|architect’s Guide to Enterprise PHP Development. He’s an active blogger (, PHP community member, and the author of the PHP business framework ‘ATK’. Since November 2008, he has a monthly column on Enterprise PHP in the php|architect magazine.

Track: PHP

Presentation title: PHP in the Cloud

In this session Ivo will move beyond the hype and explain what PHP developers actually need to know about cloud computing. The session will cover how PHP applications can benefit from Cloud Computing, and how to write applications in such a way that they are ‘ready for the cloud’. It will demonstrate how to use some of the more popular cloud services and more importantly, how to create horizontally scalable applications that benefit from running on a Cloud.