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Hadi Hariri

About the speaker:
Hadi Hariri is a Software Developer and Technology Evangelist at JetBrains. His passions include software architecture and web development. Book author and frequent contributor de developer publications, Hadi has been speaking at industry events for over a decade. He is based in Spain where he lives with his wife and two sons, and runs the .NET Malaga User Group. He is also a Podcaster and C# MVP.

Track: PHP

Presentation title: Unit testing with Javascript

With the appearance of powerful frameworks such as jQuery, more and more code is being written in Javascript. This code however is not free from bugs and also needs to be tested. In this session we are going to focus on unit testing Javascript code, how to create mocks and stubs, as well as examine some of the existing Unit Testing frameworks that exist for Javascript. Just like jQuery took the fear out of Javascript, in this session we’ll take the fear out of unit testing your Javascript code.

Track: .NET & C#

Presentation title: Real World Architecture with ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET MVC is a great framework for those that embrace web technology. However, when it comes to creating robust, scalable and maintainable applications, it’s very important to get the architecture correct. In this session we’ll discover how to create applications from the ground up. We’ll cover architectural concerns, infrastructure, testing, data access, view models, domain models, etc. the fundamental concerns that arise when developing web applications using MVC.